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Edexcel BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Horse Care

Thurleigh Equestrian Centre is proud to offer this
nationally accredited programme through a combination of home study and practical workshops at our new on-site training facility. It is ideal for those who wish to improve their understanding of horse care or gain a recognised vocational programme as part of their professional development.

The BTEC 15 credit Certificate in Horse Care
is comprised of the compulsory unit and 10 credits worth of optional units.

The course
duration is 6 months (2 months per unit) and includes 9 Saturday workshops at Thurleigh Equestrian Centre.

Enrolling now…

COURSE FEES: The full programme cost is £520.00 which can be paid over 4 monthly instalments.

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These units can also be studied separately and on successful completion you would achieve a BTEC Certificate of Achievement.

CHC Unit1: Principles of Horse Behaviour - £190.00 (Compulsory 5 credit unit)
Covering the evolution of the horse, and how it was originally domesticated, equine communication, social structures and behaviour both of the wild horse and behaviour exhibited in the domesticated situation.. You will learn about innate and adaptive behaviour, investigate horses’ natural lifestyle, instincts and compare this to the domesticated horse. The unit includes observing horse behaviour and applying the knowledge you have gained in practical situations. This unit is assessed through two course assignments.

CHC Optional Unit 2: Fit and Maintain Horse tack and clothing - £190.00 (10 credit unit)
This unit covers the fundamentals of fitting and removing horse clothing and tack. You will be able to select and fit different types of rugs and bandages and select, fit and remove different types of horse tack. You will also cover the cleaning and storage of equipment for safety and maintenance. This unit is assessed through 1 written and 1 practical assessment.

CHC Optional Unit 3: Understand the Principles of Feeding and Watering - £190.00 (5 Credit unit)
This unit covers the main components of the diet of the horse and examines the function of the major nutrients, as well as their nutritional value. The unit identifies the principles of feeding & watering. You will learn how to assess individual horse’s dietary requirements, compare and evaluate feeding systems and be able to transfer your knowledge and skills to a practical context when feeding horses.
This unit is assessed through two course assignments.

CHC Optional Unit 4: Keeping a Horse at Grass - £190.00 (5 Credit unit)
This unit covers how to support natural behaviours and maintain condition health and safety. You will develop knowledge of pasture management and be able to check fields and boundaries, understand common hazards and poisonous plants and weeds. You will be able to prepare horses for turning out, lead and release horses onto grazing land and monitor them for condition and behaviour. This unit is assessed through two course assignments and requires approximately 90 hours of home study and assignment work.

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