horse in paddock
Our flexible “pick and mix” livery combined with our highly experienced and knowledgeable team ensure you and your horses receive the best possible service, care and attention.

Assisted Livery Fees: £74 per week (as from June 2018)

Full-Livery Fees: £168 per week - without exercise. £220 per week - with exercise (as from June 2018)

We can also offer 4 or 5 day Full Livery options - please ask us for more details.

This comprehensive full-livery service covers all the services within the ‘Assisted Livery’ option (below) along with daily feeding, muck-out, turnout and catch-in, grooming, rugging, supervised farrier and vet visits.

The option of exercise 5 days-per-week is also available.

Short-Term Livery:

We also offer a range of short or holiday livery options (where space allows) - please contact us on 01234 771882 if you wish to discuss your individual requirements.

In order to maintain a happy, healthy environment for you and your horse we ask that all livery owners sign our yard contract.

Prior to arrival we also ask that the horse has an up-to-date flu and Tetanus certificate, and during your stay that you agree to participate in TEC’s regular worming programme (using worm-egg counts).

Livery fees must be paid by the 5th day of each month (preferred method is standing order). Extras (see below) will be billed at the end of each month. A deposit of one weeks’ livery will be required at the start of your livery package, which will be returned at the end of your contract.

What’s Included in the Fees?

Included in Assisted livery IncludedNotes
High Quality StableYesOn U shaped brick stable yard
Shared Paddock UseYesMares and geldings are kept in separate fields with no more than 4 horses per group.
Concentrate feed given to horse: Up to 2 feeds per day, 7 days a week.YesYou are also welcome to provide your own feed if you prefer.
Chopped-Straw Bedding - 1 bale per weekYes 
Use of Walker and ArenasYesIncludes Indoor and Outdoor Arenas
Turnout OR Catch-In (7 days a week)YesWeekend service available in ‘extras’ if needed.
Late Night CheckYesAny feeds left out will be given to your horse
Hay or HaylageNoSee Below

horse using pad

All extras will be billed at the end of each month, to be settled within 14 days. In order to ensure that your request can be fully met, we require all extras to be booked at least 48 hours in advance.

What Extras Are Available?

ExtrasPer DayNotes
Individual paddock use (subject to availability)£1.50Horse allocated own paddock
Hay or haylage - if purchased from TECPOAPrice on Application
Turn out / catch in£3.00Includes feet pick out and rug change.
Additional concentrate feed£2.00For owners who wish their horses to have three or more feeds per day
Muck out£6.00 
Supervised equilibrium massage pad session£8.00Per 30min session
Supervised assistance for vet / farrier etc£8.00 
Putting on and taking off walker£5.00 
Trailer/ horsebox parking£1.00 
Lunging£12.00Per 30 minute session
Ridden exercise£20.00Per 45 minute session


Haylage and Hay: As we are aware that the costs of Hay or Haylage can fluctuate we are happy for livery owners to provide their own, however these can also be purchased from Thurleigh Equestrian Centre where agreed in advance.